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Live like a local in your private home-away-from-home. Your luxury villa is more than an exclusive escape - it is an experience tailored to your desires. From curated itineraries to staff who anticipate your every need, this getaway is all about you… and only you.

European Holidays

Picture perfect surroundings and authentic accommodations can be found within our European villa portfolio. Take your pick of charming Tuscan farmhouses, chic Parisian apartments, whitewashed Grecian hideaways, and so much more.

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Caribbean Escapes

Our villas reflect the very best of the Caribbean. Whether you're looking for a beach vacation in Turks & Caicos, a couple's retreat in St. Lucia, a golf trip in the Dominican Republic - and so much more - we have it all.

United States Retreats

There's no need to travel far to experience the getaway of your dreams. From mountain living in Colorado to glamorous New York City apartments, and beyond; now is the time to discover the United States in a whole new way.


Trending Destinations

With over 2,500 curated luxury villas worldwide, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience wherever you go, giving you access to the world that traditional travel just can’t match. Our trending destinations range from our most-popular beach getaways to our favorite action-packed escapes, allowing you to discover the private villa difference in the most sought-after places across the globe.

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Effortless Vacation Planning

Our award-winning concierge work with you every step of the way, from selecting your villa to arranging every detail. Let us take the guesswork out of your getaway.

Not the Most Villas, Just the Best

With amenities like private gyms, pools,
game rooms, yoga studios, and more - plus breathtaking views all your own - we guarantee this isn't just your average home-away-from-home.

The Best Value in Luxury Travel

Enjoy the same five-star experience you love – with even more value. Our villas provide better value than a luxury resort and include private spaces, added amenities, and personalized concierge services.

Travel Inspiration

Looking to be inspired? Discover the best beaches in the world, top foodie getaways, and more. Our knowledge, tips, and experiences are here to inspire you as you explore your luxury villa getaway.

We Just Got Back from Silversands Villas, Grenada

Our team recently enjoyed a stay at Silversands Villas in Grenada, and we're excited to share their experiences. From the beachfront property to amenities and excursions, discover the charm of Grenada, the activities that await you, and the beautiful villas that you might call home.

Taste the Hidden Secrets of Burgundy

For those staying at villas in France, wine tastings are as common as croissants, but some regions are picking up their production and bottling impeccable libations.

Get Going in Grand Cayman with the Ultimate Villa Vacation

Grand Cayman has long been a popular beach destination - but did you know its also home to an impressive lineup of world-class villas? Here's your luxury low-down on where to go, what to see, and (yes) where to stay.